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Dqcam server subscription renewal worldwide

Dqcam server subscription renewal worldwide

Dqcam server subscription renewal worldwide


Info about Dqcam server As well as the subscription renewal worldwide :

To start with, One of the most popular embedded servers and the most prevalent on satellite devices. Not to mention that the server has a free trial period on the new satellite devices, Additionally the server opens a lot of European channels. Such as Polish, French, German, Spanish As well as other worldwide channels


Information about the company of Dqcam Server :

Broadcast sourcePeople’s Republic of China
Main companyOne of the Chinese teams


As was previously stated here are the Receivers that support Dqcam server :

Sun Plus receivers in addition to other devices in Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and the Arab Gulf countries



Last but not least Worldwide payment methods :

  • VISA | Available Worldwide
  • Mastercard | Available Worldwide
  • PayPal | Available Worldwide
  • Western Union | Available Worldwide
  • Paysera | Available to all European Union countries and some other countries.
  • Bank transfer | Available Worldwide
  • PS4 Gift Cards | American – Emirati only (we do not always deal with it, refer to customer service).



Finally You can contact Satellite Store customer service via WhatsApp | Satellite Store 9 years of experience in the Arab market.


other :



See also the Store SAT website in the Arabic version :

تجديد سيرفر جيشار – Gshare متاح لجميع دول العالم

الأشتراك في تطبيق ابولو Apollo IPTV لجميع دول العالم

تجديد الأشتراك في سيرفر فوريفر – Forever متاج لجميع دول العالم


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